Single Phono Solar Panel
Phono Solar panels excellent performance in every test

Phono Solar Panels Engineered to Last Longer

High efficiency (22.00%)

  • Anti-PID
  • EVA Higher Transmittance >91%
  • Longer Durability No Delamination.  No Yellowing.
  • 12 Year Product Warranty, 25 Year Performance Guarantee

DNV-GL Top Performing Panel

DNV-GL Top Performing Panel in independent 25 year reliability testing. DNV-GL is an independent long term reliability test, comparing the major panels in the global market. Phono Solar was compared to over 70% of the solar panels sold in the Australian market and DNV-GL gave Phono Solar the rank of “Top Performer”. reviewed this independent test an stated that Phono Solar are the best panel for Austrlians to buy!

Phono Built for Austalia’s harshest conditions

Phono Solar is approved for installation in the Northern Territory and has been susuccessfully installed in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.  Phono Solar is the top performer in DNV-GL “thermal cycle testing” where panels are cooled down to negative 40 degrees Celsius then heated up to positive 85 degrees Celsius.  This is repeated 800 times to simulate 25 or more years use in the real world. In locations like Alice Springs where there are very hot days followed up by very cold nights or in Melbourne where we can experience three seasons in one day, Phono Solar is a top performing panel for all Australian conditions!

Phono have Excellent Panel Yields

Excellent Temperature Coefficient (the lower the Temperature Coefficient, the better) means high yield can be expected from your Phono Solar installation. This is also confirmed by third party testing internationally and domestically. Use of genuine MC4 connectors, IP68 Junction Boxes and high quality solar cell selection process means your project’s yield is assured in the long term.Phono Solar has a Temperature Coefficient of -0.40 percent which is better than standard. Therefore Phono Solar panels yield higher in Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Phono is the Engineers Choice

Due to the quality of build, the experience of the manufacturer and the value proposition, Phono is being specified in more and more large scale projects and has become the engineers choice right here in Australia. Phono is the panel of choice for numerous multi MW solar farms across Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific.

Secure Products for your Investment

Phono brings long term manufacturing experience, efficient technology through extensive research and development and rigorous product testing to ensure minimal issues in the field. Insured and registered warranty with reliable after sales service. Phono Solar Third Party Certified Testing Centre completes testing of Solar Panels to a minimum of three times the IEC standard (Standard Certification required for panels). For more information please download the Phono Solar Brochure. or visit